My name is Andrew Dassonville, I'm a software developer in Oregon.

I'm also a photographer, pilot, robotics engineer, baker, and a variety of other things.


Jun 2021—Present  Founder

  • Built and maintained secure enterprise software for clients, including web and mobile applications
  • Managed project scheduling and introduced agile software development practices
  • Coordinated with and managed teams of engineers, including front- and back-end developers, QA testers and security researchers
  • Used tools including AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Node.js and React.js

Jun 2023—Sep 2023 Remote Piloting & Displays Intern

  • Developed software for remotely piloting aircraft
  • Designed user interfaces for pilots and ground crew

Oct 2019—Sep 2021  Systems Engineer

  • Gained experience with DevOps, server management, networking and data-center organization
  • Configured websites and servers for over 100 Open Source projects
  • Installed and debugged physical servers in a production data-center
  • Used tools including Chef, Kitchen, Terraform, Docker and Git

Jun 2019—Dec 2020 Software Engineering Intern

  • Created simulations for the Curiosity (Mars Science Laboratory) and Perseverance (Mars 2020) rovers
  • Built a web application capable of receiving operator commands, outputting 3D visualizations and listing simulated events/warnings
  • Constructed an API to allow external applications to access simulation utilities
  • Worked primarily in C/C++, Python and React.js, and used tools such as Git, Docker and AWS

Jul 2018—Jun 2019 Software Developer

  • Contributed to numerous internal projects, including experimenting with and integrating new machine learning technologies into existing products
  • Gave presentations and periodic updates on project statuses to company leadership
  • Gained experience in front- and back-end web technologies, such as Kotlin, Go, React.js and Vue